Christmas Offer

Hi, I just bought my one year basic membership using the Special Christmas Offer.
To do so, I canceled my original basic membership-which is renewed automatically every month. However, the last date paid for the month is 24th of December originally.
Now how the one year membership work? Starting immidiately or from next month?

Hi Hitomi,

I sent you an email, but I see you posted here on the forum. I’ve just applied the membership to your account. It will be valid until December 24th, one year from your next payment date if you are already a paying member. In the case of paying members, we cancel your payment profiles when we change your membership status.

I wish there were Christmas offers for Plus and Premium members too… :slight_smile:

Michele, perhaps not this month, but we’re certainly considering something of the sort. :wink:

I’d like to clarify something: the membership is valid for one year, meaning one year from when you purchase it. However, if you are a paying member then we extend it one year past your next billing date. If you were charged on December 5th, for instance, your next payment is due on January 5th. Since you’ve paid up until this next date, we add one year from the next billing date (January 5th, 2012 in this case).

Thank you Alex, it is all crystal-clear now!