Chosen Courses and lessons don't show

When I choose a course or lesson for Japanese, they don’t show in my library. I can only show one course, even if I already displayed a lesson it does not show in my library or in my tasks. What can I do?

On the “My Lessons” page, courses you have not yet taken are displayed when you click the “Library” button. Courses you have previously added or opened are shown when you click the “My Lessons” button. I might be misunderstanding your question, but here goes:

On the left side of the page there is “Level”, and below that a link “Show more filters”. Once you click for more filters, you can select “taken” and then the Library will show courses you have already taken.

I think many people want to use Library just for selecting new content, so the default makes sense.

I will try the filter, but the display only does this for my new courses, the old ones like Italian and French seem to have the same default as before showing all taken lessons in my tasks. Japanese and Korean only display one course everywhere, unless I do a search.