Choose Your Interface Language

At long last, we have separated the Native Language from the Interface Language. This has been a feature much requested over the years by members who wanted to see their interface in their target language but wanted their native language to be accurate and for those whose native language was not available because the interface language wasn’t translated into it. Now, you can choose your Native Language from a comprehensive list and you can independently decide which language to see the site in. You’ll find these new controls on the Settings page.

but at the profile page an interface language is indicated, not a native language:


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Russian Federation
Interface Language: English
Learning (Known Words):
Japanese (3708)
English (18186)
Russian (1180)

Hi Mark. I hate to be a bother, but can we also have this in the profile? Also, when I try to search for friends that speak English, I get no results (I know that I changed my native language to English).

Thanks, Rasana. We’ll get that fixed.

@aybee77 - We’ll make that change in the Profile and get the search to search the new Native Language field. Thanks for letting us know.

@Cakypa @aybee77 - both those issues are now resolved. We’ve also added a popup on the Speak list and on the Friends pages which shows the native language, conversations hosted, writings corrected for each tutor.

Only one native language? What about bilinguals? Trilinguals?

The vast majority of people have one native language. We are interested in displaying that language. If you speak other languages, you can mention that in your profile. It would be nice to indicate other languages you are proficient in. Perhaps in a future version.


I am a one-and-a-half-lingual. Make something for me.