Choisir le meilleur canal radio pour apprendre le français

Pardon pour mon mauvais français. Quelle radio est bon pour les débutants? ( Which radio channel is suitable for beginners? ) I feel like RFI’s hosts speak much slower, France 24 has more information about current news, france inter (not sure). Does anyone have any idea? Merci.

Other than “Journal en Français Facile” (RFI), is there any radio programs/episodes/podcasts out there that also provide the transcripts? I’ve looked into both France24 and FranceInter but didn’t find any.

I don’t know but France24 also broadcast in Arabic and English - Euronews in 13 languages including Turkish - this will help you to understand the French version.

The best is the one you like. You’ll adapt to pace with time. In the meantime you can listen at slow pace to anything you download.

Dans ce cas bon est un adjectif et doit s’accorder avec Quelle radio - donc : Quelle radio est bonne

No, I don’t want to deal with the translations, I’m just looking for some transcripts. As for Euronews, they provide the transcripts of the little news clips which they publish on Youtube. It is one of my listening sources.

Il y a « The News in Slow French » mais on dois payer.

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Wow i never knew about this resource - thanks.

I don’t actually think radio is that good for learning. It’s very easy to lose focus and zone out and somehow not seeing people when they talk makes stuff so much harder for a beginner in my opinion. Radio should be for when you are a bit more advanced. If it were German where it’s easy to hear individual words in the spoken language i would say go ahead but for French, i personally would hold off until later and instead get transcripts from shows or purposefully slow stuff (Français Authentique or Learn French With Pierre are painfully slow). You can do whatever you like though.

ok i have a couple that you can try Livres audio gratuits mp3 this one has transcripts for french novels and french articles on different world affairs many have the transcripts in french with the audio some only audio just look around

same as the one above has many classic french novels and very modern ones and short stories and some have transcripts some only audio especially very new books - This website is for sale! - nativefrenchspeech Resources and Information. this one has audio and transcripts for all it’s podcasts on a whole range of topics from french culture,food,life in france ,french history etc,

If you like football RMC is the best but it’s mostly about the French championship… :wink:

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Oh my friend. Thank you very much.

Anything from Radio Canada. I love À rebours and Les Années Lumière.

Thank you for your suggestion. Good luck to your language learning.