Hi there. I’ve been having the same problem with Chinese. With German all new words are displayed in Blue, but in Chinese many if not most of new words are just white from the start, and I am unable to make them into links by copy/pasting them. This has happened across multiple texts. I am using windows 7 and google chrome.

Also, I am wondering how it is possible to remove a language from your list of languages. I added Russian just to show the program to somebody who is studying Russian, but I myself am not studying the language and now want to remove it.



First things first, you may want to try clearing your cache to see if that fixes the problem.
Are the problems in Chinese in a specific collection or in all lessons? Also, what happens when you highlight a phrase? I just checked Chinese and it seems to be working properly.

You can remove languages from the Account page. Simply click “Delete Language” and the language will be removed from your list and all data for that language will be cleared.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Clearing the cache seemed to help a bit there. A lot of new words in different lessons are still showing up white, but now when I highlight them they turn blue.