Chinese tv shows/movies?

Right, in my opinion on of the determining factors of what makes a language easy to learn and most importantly, to maintain, is the availability of good/interesting/plentiful content in said language. For example, English has a loooot, Japanese has tons of anime, some tv shows, etc- however what about Chinese? I’ve seen a chinese movie a while back (I forgot the name- but it was about ancient times and the graphics and story were impressive and rivaled that of Hollywood)

my question: are good/interesting chinese tv shows/movies plentiful like US ones or are they few and far between?

Well there are sh!t loads of Chinese shows and movies. I personally don’t like Mandarin tv as it’s always about the army, revolution or ancient days.

I love to watch the triad and love movies in Cantonese. Incredible amounts of entertainment in Cantonese and I THINK but not sure, it is far superior in popularity than the Mandarin ones.

As for Mandarin ones, I don’t think it is always about the army, revolution or ancient days. For example, I love the following movie and tv drama.

Together (with English subtitels)

Boy & Birl(Aka Romance in the City) (with English subtitels)


mm that’s a dilema- the reason I was asking is cause, in 2-3-5> years (maybe more) after get my Japanese to a decent level I’m thinking of what to study next- I guess one has to appreciate/taste the culture/content first to decide. For now I’m sticking with Japanese.

I don’t know the next stage for you. Maybe watching Japanese drama a lot is one solution.

新上海滩 (New Shanghai Bund) is one of the more interesting TV series I’ve seen in Chinese. It has a nice epic story-line. Highly recommended, even for those not learning Mandarin.

look for taiwanese drama. Alot of them are Japanese remakes and are quite popular