Chinese TTS vs Pinyin differences

I remember asking about this issue a very long time ago and was told to wait for LingQ 5.0 which would fix a lot of things. It’s been a while now and the same differences appear very commonly with the text-to-speech and the pinyin that appears above characters in certain contexts. It seems often be the case that the text-to-speech is correct but the pinyin is giving an alternate pronunciation of a character. 得 is the biggest loser with this bug but it happens with other characters too. With things like this that I already know it’s just annoying but with newer characters it’s really difficult as I rely on the app to tell me how to pronounce them. If it tells me two different things I have to go elsewhere to find out how I should even be pronouncing new words that I learn.

What is the current state of this issue? Is it just being ignored now? It can’t be too difficult to at least make sure these two match.

I’ll check with our team where do we stand with this and if there are any plans for improvements. I’ll get back to you with more information soon.