Chinese tourists: you MUST learn German!

Is that even possible!? :-0

Anyone of non-European appearance who is planning to visit Germany any time soon had better learn the language!

If not, you might unwittingly end up as (how shall we say?) the loony who is running the asylum!

In fairness, English might cut it too, as regards verbal communication with many of the Bullen. But official documents will be in German: don’t sign any of them unless you can understand!!


Not Chinese tourists should learn German, but more Germans should learn Chinese.

Poor guy. Still, when he looks back, he might realise it was a more interesting holiday than the standard running around taking pictures of boring tourist attractions.

He is very brave. I doubt that he cannot speak English. I suppose that his problem was not that he cannot speak English at all, but that his English with a strong Chinese accent was not so useful in Germany.

If he was really able to speak a little English, I am sure he feared making mistakes like all Asians. So he better remained silent…

I thought Germans were smarter than that.

No, just more efficient. This time a little bit too efficient it would seem.

Depends where are you are. I Maybe the southeast, outside of munich is more conservative/terrible… but In the big cities in the west-rhine area I can’t imagine anyone having real problems. I love germany so much and bigotry in germany absolutely breaks my heart :frowning:

Bigotry in Germany? Where? Please explain…