Chinese: The return of pinyin

In the past the pinyin would appear in the top of the pop-up dictionary. I don’t want to see pinyin when I am reading but when I come across a word I don’t know Id like to be able to it. Lots of times the definitions dont have pinyin either so their needs to be someway to double check yourself. Maybe it is just one of my settings that is messed up, but if not, I believe returning to that format will be beneficial to most learners.

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll look into this and see what we can do.

Are you learning traditional or simplified? I’m learning Traditional, and I’m seeing the pronunciation on top of all the words while reading (it’s a setting) and also in the dictionary… I am seeing pronunciation in (I think?) all the dictionary definitions, but if not, I can copy-paste from dictionary to various outside dictionaries including Google Translate and/or Forvo, and there are also various pop-up dictionaries inside LingQ… Sometimes a word has more than one pronunciation, though, so I prefer to have a native sound track for the material I’m reading. YMMV…