Chinese Text To Speech - one slight tweak to make it useful

Is it possible to make a slight change to the Mandarin TTS that is generated for a lesson? At the moment there is barely any time between each sentence, to the point where it basically sounds like one run-on sentence. It’s not natural at all and makes comprehension extremely difficult, ruining the usefulness of this feature. If possible, can you please add a slightly longer pause after full stops (and an even longer one for new paragraphs/lines)?

Apart from this lack of a natural-sounding pause between sentences (which I can hear happens nicely with LingQ’s English TTS), I find the voice fairly clear and understandable. I know this is a simple adjustment in most TTS software so I’m hoping other CHINESE learners will support this change!

If this pause is added between sentences, then the ‘Generating Timestamps’ feature will also probably actually work for Chinese TTS. At the moment the timestamps are always off, usually by a couple of words to half a sentence, I’m guessing because the program can’t handle the lack of a natural pause.

Not sure if there is anything we can do since it’s third-party software that we use for TTS, but I’ll check with our team.