Chinese story "Journey to the West" (西游记) with video, audio & printable pdf

I’m importing Journey to the West (西游记) to LingQ. If you, fellow Chinese learners, are interested in the story, check it out.

In each lesson, there’re:

  • translation Chinese - English
  • video (available from episode 01 to 32)
  • audio
  • printable pdf link

There’re 80/108 episodes published on the original website, I’ve imported 5 up to this post. The narration is easy to follow and the characters are cute. Hopefully, I can import them all. Your encouragement is very welcomed.

Sun Wukong, the ‘Monkey King’ with amazing powers, is punished for always causing trouble and mischief. When the Tang Monk makes a journey to the West, it is up to Sun Wukong to protect him from harm. Will Sun Wukong, the wild and reckless ‘Monkey King’, make a safe journey?


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很好 . 谢谢

A bit easy for me, but I’ve really enjoyed the first 27, great stuff

So helpful, thank you!

Thank you so much!

Hey OP did you start learning chinese here at LingQ? If yes/no how did you started?


Thanks so much for this, it was my favorite lesson in LingQ. Unfortunately it is not imported to completely… So Now I don’t know know how it ends