Chinese Pod lessons

So far I have imported 21 Chinese Pod elementary lessons into LingQ. As the lessons are protected under copyright, they are for personal use only. I would be very willing to share these lessons privately with other members who have a CP subscription and who would be willing to import lessons they could share with me. Perhaps a small group of us could share together. Any takers?

Just in case this is illegal, if you know more about the legality of such sharing, please let me know before I commit any kind of crime.

By the way, there are some words, fortunately not very many, that I cannot LingQ, even though their meaning is available on Perapera. Why could this be so?

I have all the mandarin only dialogues that are ok to publicly share under the creative commons licence, iirc it is about 800 mandarin dialogues, and they are quite useful. I calculated one day it would take me ten hours to upload them all and create lessons with transcripts, as well as crop out the annoying intros. So it has been in one of those no time/too hard baskets. I am happy to send the dialogues and transcripts to someone on the proviso they get uploaded and shared.

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I certainly don’t want to agree to doing 800. I am only interested in elementary lessons at this time. I how many elementary lessons do you have? I could certainly do fifteen to twenty a week for the next month or two. I’ll see after that if I am willing to take on more. I copied and pasted the text version files and removed the pinyin, English and A, B and C cues on the lessons I have entered. I have not cropped out the annoying intros, but I know how to do so. Why not let me make a start?

That would be quite awesome if you ask me :slight_smile: