Chinese Pinyin just for unknown words

I’m currently learning Mandarin Chinese and wondert if its possible to show pinyin just for words I dont know, because obviously i need to learn to read without pinyin, but without it its hard reading.

At the moment that’s not possible, you can only keep it completely active/inactive under the settings.

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You could try getting a Chrome extension called Chinese word seperator and mouse over the words your don’t know. Another option is to buy an Android app called Dushu (15USD- paid once) becasue that shows pinyin only for words marked as unknown. I use Dushu and LingQ for reading practice.

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thats a good Idea thank you!

My understanding was the ONLY way to have pinyin visible is over unknown words. That’s with currently happening for me what this thread seems to indicate Is any Chinese learner missing PinYin? - #7 by bamboozled is there actually a way to make pinyin display for everything, both known and unknown words? If so, how do we do that? Right now, since the change, I’m only seeing pinyin over unknown words, and that doesn’t work for me as a learning option (I want to see it over all words) so I have been planning to cancel.