Chinese Pinyin to remove?

hello does anyone know how to remove pinyin from known words? I’m trying to learn the characters but the pinyin keeps staring at me and I tend to look at the pinyin first before the characters. I want to increase my reading ability and speed without the pinyin for known words. I don’t mind if its there for the yellow words. sometimes I have a whole sentence of known words and the pinyin is there. Thanks in advance.

Go to Settings > Reader and you can disable it there.

The piece of Lingq server-side software called the “Reader” adds the pinyin. The Reader is customizable by you to some extent. Some customization options are only shown for a particular target language, and those options are hidden from users studying other languages. So each time you start studying a new target language, consider re-checking the customization options.

I use a desktop computer for Lingq. The following worked for me, to hide pinyin:

  1. Set Lingq to study Chinese.
  2. Go to (Your_User_Profile) Settings/App Settings/Reader/Asian Script Settings
  3. Change “Transliteration Style” to “Off”.
  4. In the same browser window, go to Lessons and open the Lesson. Other existing browser windows will notice the change after a while.

Turning pinyin back on worked too. If you set “Transliteration Style” to “Traditional”, you will see Simplified Characters with smaller Traditional Characters nearby.

Also note the following method, which lets you take something inside Lingq and use the text portion of it outside Lingq:
One) Open a lesson
Two) Use the three-dot menu to “Print Lesson”. On a desktop computer, this brings up a web browser tab containing the lesson text without pinyin.
Three) Print to a printer or pdf file, or use “Copy” to begin a copy-and-paste action.
Four) If you used Copy, now Paste that somewhere such as to a text editor program.

thank you