Chinese: How many words until fluent

When learning Chinese how many known (LingQ) words would be called fluent? Thx.

Id say more than 40k, but its hard to say for sure and that is for reading fluency only as I am not sure about the predictive power of known words here for speaking and listening; obviously the more words you know the more fluent you are in those skills

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some words might have multiple meanings so when you learn one word it might actually count as two!

I’ve heard that for everyday usage around 3600 words is enough in any language, but if you want to be fluent at reading literature you’ll need much much more vocab and grammar.

Really? Can you cite that, because I’ve heard it’s 3574.015.

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I believe this is the correct answer.

In other news:

A 2006 paper in the journal Advances in Consumer Research authored by professors Robert M. Schindler (Rutgers University-Camden) and Richard F. Yalch (University of Washington) entitled:

‘It Seems Factual, But Is It? Effects of Using Sharp versus Round Numbers in Advertising Claims’

examined the question of :

“[…] whether consumers make the false assumption that claims using sharp numbers …are more factual… than those using round numbers and, if so, whether this makes sharp-number claims more believable.“

And the answer was, in the authors’ opinion, broadly, yes.

about 350

Bout tree fiddy

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The answer is X.

The LingQ word counter here is flawed. People here have judged my understanding of Russian by looking at my relatively low word count but don’t say anything when I tell them to look at my reading and listening statistics. I’m simply very lazy when it comes to moving my understood words to the status of 4.