Chinese for the office/business environment

Can someone recommend chinese mandarin lessons from the library that could help learn vocabulary to use in an office or business environment.

Assuming your listening comprehension is at least low intermediate or higher I’d recommend: Wolf/Hua Hua “economic crisis” 1 & 2 as well as their “copyright” 1 & 2 discussions in the intermediate 2 section.

Let me preface this by saying that I have never actually worked a day in my life.

Is there really a difference between business language and how we speak everyday?

Obviously there are differences of ‘registers,’ but that comes into play in everyday speech too.

If you can speak (and understand) a language you’ll get by in any business encounter. If you can not, you will not.

Every time I see a business English book at the bookstore, I can’t help but imagine that its the most dry, unmotivating, piece of language learning material you can get your hands on. I’ve opened up a few of these books, and that has been the case so far.