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Hi all,
Not sure if anyone knows a good way of finding the ebook versions of the Harry Potter books in (PRC) Chinese? I have the physical copy, but when looking online all I find are suspicious-looking torrent websites. I don’t mind paying for it, but I have not been successful in finding it. Any help would be very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have that one.

I could send it to you mmmm but not sure how. By the way I’m very new at Chinese and I’m looking for some advices to first steps. I’m trying remembering hanzi to learn the characters but I’m not sure if it’s worth it

Definitely worth it to learn Hanzi. Without learning characters you will have a lot of trouble improving your Chinese at a rapid pace. Why? There are too many homonyms (words that sound the same but different meaning), and if you can’t read Chinese, then it really limits your mode of communication.

When you say you are looking for some tips on learning Chinese (the first steps) what kind of advice would you like?

How to remember characters? Speaking? Websites for learning? How to read, write? Where to find people with whom to talk?

If you could be more specific, I would be happy to help. But, there is a lot of stuff and finding a place to begin is usually the hardest. What do you want to get from the language, and why are you learning the language. These are the first questions you should ask. So, if you could give me at least one thing specifically you need help with, I would be happy to help direct you to some sources and some advice on what to do. :smiley:

A language journey takes a lot of patience, because it will take a LONG time to learn the language. First and foremost, my best advice, is to be patient and consistent. Of course there are ways to speed up your learning, but none of it works if you aren’t patient or consistent.

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It would be brilliant if you could send it to me - maybe as a Google Drive/Dropbox link?

I definitely agree that it’s worth it to learn Hanzi - I didn’t focus on it too much in the first month or so, but afterwards, it’s definitely worth it!

In terms of advice for first steps, I can only say what I did (which may or may not be the best for you). I started off using an app called ChineseSkill (which is like Duolingo but is a nicer introduction to Chinese) and quickly moved on to using the Mini-stories here at LingQ (which are fantastic). I use Skritter to learn characters but you can learn to recognise lots of them by reading lots.

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You should try Baidu to search for any Chinese product you want to acquire. It is way easier than Googling it.

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Hi ! I saw your comment and I thought I would help since I have learned Chinese for 5 years.
First off, it’s a really complex language, and a bit difficult to remember the words and their tones and characters, because it doesn’t have a fixed alphabet. Plus, all the characters may seem easy at first, BUT they get more intricate and complicated as you learn more.
I can give you the tips I followed to be an ace in Chinese ( and becoming my teacher’s pet, though I absolutely DESPISE and DETEST that. )

  1. devote time to learning the romanizations.
  2. make some small charts with 3 columns , 1 for the chinese character, 1 for the romanization, and the other for the meaning of the character in English. Hang them around the house or around your study room and go through them everyday. Seeing them will help you memorise it.
  3. start writing short stories. poems amd compositions, or even a line in Chinese. that could help you become fluent easily .
  4. learn the characters as if they’re drawings, bits and pieces of a huge and beautiful picture that you’re slowly putting together. You can’t wait another moment to see the finished picture, can you ? Then keep going !
    I really hope this will help !
    And if you have any other problems, you’re SO welcome to ask me !

I began reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone a few days ago. I found it first in for a few RMB but couldn’t buy it without a Chinese kindle and a chinese credit card. Then someone suggested I google it and I did.

Google “哈利·波特与魔法石 epub”. The first link should take you to a download page.

OP, For studying the characters, I wholeheartedly recommend Mandarin Blueprint.