Chinese Course: True Crime Cases + Criminal Psychology

I just thought I’d share this course I put together. I’ll be adding more to it over the weeks, since a lot of people seem to be interested in true crime.

True Crime Cases in China + Criminal Psychology:

If you have any suggestions for true crime cases from China, leave them below and I’ll try and add them to the course!



那我多点分享吧!哈哈 我这几天会再加几个 :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for your post, I hope that this information and course can be useful to me, since I am now actively studying psychology from the point of view of various fields. Recently, I studied at a selection of materials about positive psychology, which significantly influenced me and my attitude to various daily things that I did badly, very responsibly, for a long time or somehow wrong, but after thinking it over several times, I understood and changed a lot. I think that knowledge about criminal psychology will not only be for unnecessary information, but conversely also can be useful at any time in society.