Chinese and Japanese Simultaneously

Hi all,

I have a dilema, I have the oppurtunity to learn Chinese. And I’m really quite interested in learning it!

However I’ve already started learning Japanese, have been for a few months. Is it a bad idea to start learning Chinese? I don’t start learning Chinese for another month. I have (nearly) a good grounding in Japanese the japanese scrips (kana) however not kanji.

What should I dooo??
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I see that your username here is “弁慶”.

If your main interests are in anthropology and linguistics, I think that studying several languages at the same time is not a bad idea.

In my case, I adopt “selection and concentration” strategy in language learning.

Thanks, how do you use that strategy?

I am now learning only the English language. Soon–or, in the future–I will re-start leaning the German language.

re-start leaning → re-start learning

I like to follow the 80/20 strategy, focus mostly on your major language, and spend about 20% of you time on your minor language.

I like the sound of the 80/20 strategy.
I will give both a try, thanks ytk031 and Steve!