Children's picture books for free

Hi everyone!
I’d like to share the information about the wonderful site for kids, parents, teachers and language beginners.

There are a lot of children’s picture books in various languages for free! You can see and read them online with your pdf reader and you can download books and print them out.

Hans Wilhelm, a famous children’s book author, offers this service. He is generous!

If there are native’s audio files in the above childrenbooksforever site, it will be a good model for LingQ for Kids.
I hope you like the site.

Thank you for sharing that website. I love finding books for my son and sometimes I go a little overboard but the way I look at is, he can never have to many books.

Nobuo, you are my best friend!

Nobuo: Many, many thanks! I am going to read them in whatever language I can. What a generous man Hans Wilhelm is!

I am also pleased to see that he and Byron Katie have got together. Her work is inspirational. I have been applying The Work in earnest since 2007 when I attended her School for The Work in Germany. If anybody wants to have a chat about TW, just give me a shout.

Byron Katie and The Work… a must! (thank you so much SanneT)