"Chico & Rita"

Today I came across this movie when I was listening to one of my favorite BBC podcasts, “Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review”.

“Chico & Rita”

Unfortunately this movie isn’t going to be shown in Japan, where American movies are extremely dominant, and the rest of foreign movies is rarely available. I hope Spanish learners, as well as Spanish tutors of LIngQ, enjoy it. Cuban jazz in the movie is fascinating.

What a great find, I’ll try tolocate it once I’m back home. Thank you!

Thank you so much! I have to find this movie!

Apparently there is no release date for the US. :frowning:

Please enjoy the movie. I hope you like it.

It is too bad that the movie is not available either in Japan or in the US. The UK trailer of this movie convinced me that Spanish is such a lovely language.