Cheese something

Have you ever tried this kind of snack?
It’s made from cheese.
I’m just wondering if you have this kind of food, and what’s it called.

Thank you!!!

Where did you see the picture? I did do a reverse search on the image and the only thing it came up with was “Taiwan Extra Thick Cheese Shreds” (Vanilla flavored). Not sure if the translation is correct:

I also did a google lens on the picture and it frankly looks a lot more like dried shredded squid:

If it is indeed cheese then it would just be “shredded cheese”, although it looks like the dish above is prepared in some manner to give it thick and thin shreds, rather than a consistent size shred. I also have not heard of “vanilla flavored” cheese shreds (if the google translation for the first link says is accurate).

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Interesting. More research…I guess it’s intentionally meant to look like dried squid and hence my confusion above? For a vegetarian substitute? The true reason Taiwan imports cheese from Brazil -

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Actually, the picture was from the Internet. I was just eating the snack and wondering if you have this kind of food, and what it’s called.
And yes, you’re right, it does look like dried shredded squid.
Some vegetarians use it as a protein substitute, I guess.

I don’t think we (USA) have anything like that in our normal grocery, although I’m guessing one might be able to find at some Asian grocery stores. The closest thing the normal grocery would have would be cheese shreds…but they are usually made of cheddar, mozzarella, monterey jack. The shreds are very uniform. They aren’t sold as a snack, but typically to be used as a topping for something. Although I’m sure some people might snack on it. I know I did before cutting dairy out of my diet. =)

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Thanks a lot for the helpful information, ericb100!!!

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