Checking occurrences of a vocabulary word, or part of a word

Is it possible to check for all of the occurrences of a word, or word part, in your current lessons, or in your own imported lessons? I notice that when you add a word to the Vocabulary, it shows you where you originally found the word; And also that this doesn’t happen with imported Vocabulary because there is nothing to reference the word to.

I’m wondering about checking for word occurrences because there are certain parts of Japanese speech I can use to build comprehensive input, if I can find all of the occurrences of the word suffixes. I realized this while listening to some music today and noticed that I knew a word and could contextualize it, because I recognized the suffix and remembered what it’s stem meant. This is also a great way to build vocabulary because the suffix will give away what type of word it is even if you don’t know what the word means.