Checking Mandarin Pronunciation in Sentence Mode

What is your opinion on LingQ checking Mandarin pronunciation in sentence mode? Is it useful? Does it need to be tweaked? Do you use other options when you want your pronunciation checked?

I haven’t found it useful tbh. The voice is very robotic. The 曾通话学习 app is good for drilling pronunciation, but very boring. I think extensive listening might be a key component, but I don’t know what to listen to

I did try LingQ’s dictation exercise when it first came out on iOS but its comprehension was poor and there was no meaningful feedback. I assume this feature just harnessed the system’s built in dictation functionality. I’ve never tried it again and consider it waste of time, together with all the other exercises, study sentence and vocabulary review - while probably not harmful, I fail to see how those relate to language learning. I guess LingQ is trying to compete with the :owl: and friends. Personally I just try to get in as much listening and reading as possible. As for more deliberate modes of practice, and especially for computerized pronunciation assessment I recommend: Speech Studio While it is obviously meant to be implemented in an application, the web interface works fine as well and will give actual feedback. I suspect that there are already many ‘pronunciation apps’ on the various app stores that make use of it.

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