Check this Out: Free YouTube Translation App - Filters Out Auto Generated Sub Videos

I know the topic of how to find youtube videos with accurate subtitles has been discussed a lot here. Other than the filtering tool on youtube and sometimes mentioned zerotohero website, I never found anything that worked 100% to filter out auto generated captions.

Maybe you guys already found a solution for this but I stumbled into a free Android app this week called “zTranslate” which filters videos that only contain captions/subtitles that were provided by the uploader. So no more autogenerated subs being included in the search results. The App’s MAIN function is to show you your L2 and L1 subs and you can click any word you don’t know for a quick translation or just read along with the dual subs (so Languages for Netflix/Language Reactor but for your phone) so that’s great for watching L2 youtube videos on the go.

If you don’t have Android, I don’t think this is on iPhone but if you want to make use of it’s useful filtering ability, just download the free desktop software BlueStacks to simulate android on your desktop and then download the app there and voila. Just search from there and find videos you want to import into LingQ or watch on your main browser or device.

I found this particularly useful for finding random free audiobooks with captions included so I don’t need to keep looking for the ebook or audiobook separately which has been a longtime pain for me.

That’s all, enjoy!