Check Out The New LingQ Home Page and Logo!

We have been hard at work on a major update and, as the first step, we are delighted to launch our new homepage and logo. There is much more yet to come so stay tuned for more announcements this summer.

Check out our new home page and make sure to tell us what you think! Remember, if you’re logged in, you will have to log out in order to see the new page.

Also, read how the homepage evolved from the planning stages to the final product:

Hebrew sentences are reading left to right, although the individual words are reading right to left.

Nice setup-- unfortunately i am now not able to open any of my lessons ;( without the system running into an on-going loop.

Hopefully the bugs will quickly be ironed out quickly as i wanted to do a lot of reading on LingQ tonight.


@TamL, Hebrew is still an unsupported and still in the list of Beta languages. The only change that has been made so far is the LingQ homepage.

I’m seeing the new interface when I open a lesson, and the reading direction of the Hebrew has changed.

If possible, please send some screenshots to support at

The lesson pages and everything after logging in should have stayed the same.

Hey Mike,

Sorry to hear that. We haven’t encountered any bugs like that.

When trying to open a lesson it keeps logging you out? Or the page isn’t loading? Which browser are you using?

@TamL, if the Beta is showing, just click the “Classic” button on the right of the lesson title. That will open the lessons like usual.

On my lap-top, I can get to lessons page but when I try to open a lesson (I have attempted both my own lessons and ones in the library) it simply won’t load.

I have tried this on Chrome and IE (on my laptop).

I also tried getting in using my i-pad (used Chrome and Safari) and the i-pad simply crashes altogether.

Very frustrating (I just started a 90 day challenge and want to get going on it)!


That does sound frustrating. I’ll message you now from our support email so we can solve this asap!

Sorry about that mikebooks. We accidentally pushed the beta on everyone. We are reverting that now and it should be back to normal within the hour.

im worrying that the “right to left” issue might be the case with arabic too… I hope it will still work in the future even though arabic is a beta language?

Yes, Arabic is still a beta language.

Sounds good. My point was that TamL was mentioning that the new lessons page displays hebrew text backwards, which seems to indicate that the new lesson page doesn’t support right-to-left languages as the old (current) one does. That’s a bug

Arabic, like Hebrew is read from right to left unlike most other alphabets and languages like English which is read from left to right. The software has to know the difference for it to display properly, though, or the text becomes gibberish :slight_smile:

Congratulations LingQ, the best site to learn any language!! In my own experience even though I’m not practicing as much as I used to 3 or 4 months ago, it’s always exciting to be here. One question, in the case of Czech it seems that it’s moving from the Beta languages to the regular ones or it’s just me?? I’m really interested in this fascinating language. Cheers and a big hug for all the staff!!

Thanks for being such a fan! Sorry, Czech is still a beta language. Lots of good functionality there still though. Steve learned all his Czech there!

Looks good! I’ve always been partial to that Adobe Illustrator/vector look.

Thank you! I think the style makes it clean, simple and easy to navigate.

I wonder how many people out there want to study Czech. maybe we can do something to find more check content. No promises.