Check marked words show up in review

The blue, check marked words that I marked as ‘known’ show up in my review sessions. Why? It even says “known, review never” for these words. How can I stop this?

Where are you reviewing them? That shouldn’t be happening. Is this during the lesson, at the end of the lesson or on the Vocabulary page?

This can definitely happen from the vocab page since the 4 filter includes checkmarked words.

Vocabulary page. When I do the ‘due for review’

I’ve also noticed this. If my memory serves me correctly, known words also show up during “due for review” if my “due for review” list is really short and other words are needed to fill the deck. But it always seems to pull the same known words.

Another thing I’ve been wondering is, “How can I do a truly random review of ALL my words?” Right now, it seems to only review the words that are being displayed on the page at the time I click Review Now.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, known words are actually the last stage of status 4 “Learned” words so are included in the review. You can unselect status 4 words in the filters on that page to avoid having them show. We do plan on splitting these out and having a separate “known” filter but for now they are mixed together. Having said that, they should not be included in the Due for Review list ever. That is a bug and we will get that fixed.

Checked “known” words should not appear in Due for Review ever. We will get that fixed.

You can try choosing different sorts in the filter to get a more random list. Sorting by Importance may be a good way to go. Then, you can page to review different pages of this list.

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Great suggestion. Thanks!

@fekman, h00sha, Miznia - This issue should now be resolved. Checked terms (Status: Known - review never) are no longer included in the Due For Review (SRS) tab. Thanks for letting us know about this!