Cheaper for Chinese?

Hi, I’m Chinese. 10 dollars a month is not cheap in China. Maybe 2 dollars is ok.
You know, people in China have not as much money as people in US.

People in China are not willing to pay for any software, video games or other things to do with computer unless it’s very cheap. People even use illegl copy of Windows 7. And any copy of videos, films, music, software in China tend to be illegle copy.
You know, people even don’t want to pay to play Starcraft 2 because it costs 3 dollar a month.
So it’s more likely people will pay if it’s cheap enough. Sorry to tell you the truth.
LingQ should be much cheaper for Chinese users.
Have to.

Create a free LingQ account.

Create and upload into LingQ really good Chinese lessons with audio.
Offer writing corrections and discussions for students of Chinese at LingQ.
Result: you will earn LingQ points …

With these points, buy a LingQ basic account. (6 months cost 6000 points).


In China, people pay hundreds of dollars a month or more to send their kids to English academies. I even visited an English school once where kids as young as 3 or 4 came from surrounding cities and villages to have teachers and native speakers interact with them all day long.

They may not be willing to pay for Starcraft 2 (which doesn’t require a monthly subscription as far as I know), but China has probably more World of Warcraft players than any other country.

I don’t think it’s an issue of dropping our price or not, but rather of getting more exposure in the Chinese market so we can get more users.

and follow the advice offered by u50623!

Thank you for your posts and consideration.
u50623, thanks. I have not known this way to earn points, it’s great.
But to clarify what I mean, well, people pay a lot in some places (like education for their kids )but not on software or games…(Well, in China you pay 20 RMB a month to play starcraft II Wings of Liberty. You can also pay 90 to play it for any time.)
I just feel maybe 10 is cheap for US students not mean the same thing for Chinese.
And hope to pay less for it if possible.
(Maybe China is a developing country not like countries you guys living in yet.)

Yeah, I know I am greedy.

You can buy a discounted subscription (only during these Christmas holidays). Read this thread: Discounted Memberships - Language Forum @ LingQ.
I am not studying Chinese, but I know that those who study it at LingQ always complain because there are no tutors. So, if you hosted conversations, corrected texts and created new lessons, you could earn a lot of points every month.
Moreover, if you invite people to join LingQ and they become paying members, you will receive 200 points a month for every paying member.
So, there are many ways to subscribe without paying. I have not paid my membership with money since 2011, because I use my points to pay for it.
Good luck!

@u50623 @mikebond
mmm… I’m not aware of how points can be spent in this way till now. Good to know :slight_smile:

It’s silly to expect LingQ to adjust their membership rates according to the economic situation in China (or any other country). There are ways to earn points, as u50623 said. There are also other tools out there (anywhere from totally free to ridiculously expensive). Use whatever you find helpful.


What a ridiculous thread. 2 dollars?

How much do you pay for internet at home?

Yeah, 2 dollars, that’s slightly lower than the price of a Big Mac (in China! Yes, I just checked).

I believe the rates could be lowered if 1 billion Chinese used the system, but I don’t see that happening…

Thank you guys.
I am astonished that so many guys replied.
Thank you for your consideration.
Maybe I have to earn some points out there and try to help people with Chinsese. Whatever.