ChatGPT's accuracy in Mandarin Chinese is quite surprising

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using ChatGPT quite extensively for learning Chinese, but I wanted to know how accurate its Chinese output is.

Does it generate correct Chinese or does it contain many grammar errors and wrong word choices? This is especially important if you’re using it for sentence mining like I am.

I put together a team of native Chinese speakers, and between us we analysed over 1,000 sentences generated by ChatGPT 3.5 to see how often it makes mistakes and what kind of mistakes those are.

This was part of a bigger project building the app Mandarin Mosaic which is one of the only apps specialised for Chinese sentence mining.

The results are quite interesting, you can read in depth here: Does ChatGPT Speak Authentic Chinese? The Results of My Study May Surprise You… – I'm Learning Mandarin

What do you guys think? Has anyone here been using ChatGpt for Chinese?