ChatGPT extensions

Hi all,

Maybe you want to pimp the OpenAI chatbot.
Here are a few extensions to do that:

It’s only a matter of time until we can freely talk to the chatbot (Siri commands, for example, are just the beginning)…


Thanks. Let us keep this thread to collect interesting new ChatGPT extensions. The sheer number appearing every day is intimidating. Curating a list of useful extensions is ever so important.


This is better for talking and listening directly, but it needs some tweaks. It uses both voice recognition and TTS. Talk-to-ChatGPT - Chrome Web Store


The extension fetches up-to-date news from the Web and then summarizes them. It has its flaws and needs some improvements, but overall the idea is brilliant in its simplicity.

Instead of bothering to pre-train the whole ChatGPT model on latest news, why don’t just fetch news from the Web search into your current conversation and ask for summary. And all that just in the form of a pre-prompt.


Thanks, Jan!

The number of AI tools being published at the moment is simply breathtaking (ca. 2000 in March 2023 alone).

There may be a new job profile related to generative AIs coming soon:
“Prompt engineer” :slight_smile:

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Here you have 2 directories for AI tools:



Thanks, Davide!

Maybe another full-time job is: “AI tester” :slight_smile:


Yes Peter, the number of tools becomes overwhleming. I lost track. Which tools are you guys currently using for language learning? Did you install any Chrome extensions? If so, which ones?

@JanFinster: I have a ton of Chrome extensions but lots are deactivated. Lately I’m not using it much as I’m focused on other things. At the end, it should be productive, and as you all said, there are too many tools that change too much. After the initial “hype”, I think I’ve lost interest, and went back to use LingQ more.

Although, I like Poe, you can use multiple bots and you can “create” your own. This last feature, that I haven’t used yet, could be very useful to create your own “teacher”, either for conversational purposes or correction purposes. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s worth experimenting with the right prompts.

At the moment, I have books on every language already in LingQ, and I like the TTS feature a lot. I don’t feel the need of anything else, unless training the writing skills (that I should do!). For the latest, Poe could be useful.

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