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This site is a perfect place to learn English, with a lot of resources and good people. But what is missed here is a chat room. Yes, a real time conversation will require us to think quickly and it’ll give us ability answer immediately without stammer at the moment of speak. Why not add a chat room conversation on lingq?

I don’t know what a chat room is. Is it for a one-to-one conversation or for a group conversation? Does the word “chat” refer to speaking or writing?

I think it’s writing in real-time, with whoever else is logged in at the time being able to listen in.

I think we would need one chat room per language, possibly with set times for conversations on set topics? have something similar for German I believe.

yes here’s the link:

I haven’t tried it out of shyness, but I expect it’s ok.

Funnily enough don’t seem to have an ESL chat room.

There are these people who have chat rooms for English learners:

I’m always put off by sites which run adverts for “adult” chat rooms, but it may be worth a try.

Let us know if you find a chat room that you like!

I wonder if we can find a chat room for us “children.”

We’ve always resisted the urge to have chat rooms since we felt the quality of the conversation in chat rooms is often not very high. Unlike the brilliant discourse we find in our forums, for example…

Seriously, though, this is not something we are currently looking at but is something to add to the “future enhancements” list for future consideration.

Am I right in thinking that our forums on LingQ are chat rooms with a time lag?

Good start for the next brilliant discourse, Yutaka! :slight_smile:
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I don’t think the devil made you do so.

Do you think the devil would tolerate the lags big as that? I’ve already got bored waiting a response from you, turned back to my work, and then I got bored immediately and came back to here. Enter! Damn It!

I think the chat room is good. When I was a member of other English online school about five years ago, there is the open chat room for free. The online school is run by Japanese company and they hire Filipino tutors. The students are all Japanese.

There is one rule. We can enter the chat room whenever we want, but there is no tutor and we have to speak in English, no Japanese. I liked this chat room, because when I have short break time, I could jump into the room and could speak something in English with other students. However, most of the time the room was empty. Because most of the students hesitate to use it. Yes, Japanese are mostly shy.
I often enter the room and wait for someone. Sometimes I had a good chat with other members.

The most convenient part of this chat room was “no reservation”. I miss it.

Like an Instant Messaging Boxes that would be on the site and be up indefinitely, and accessibly at all times?
I see those types of chat rooms on sites.
Easy to just go in and join the conversation. Make some friends.
Would be a lot more personal I think.

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yeah, I like using chatrooms to help me with learn, but it is hard to find one when you done know the target language. I can find English chatrooms everywhere, what good does that do me if I am learn Japanese or something.

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I love to chat so I can learn a better way and fun And knowledge of people from around the world and find better and more useful people and shake hands with some of the other, despite difference So people make their living at intersections Difficulties and facilitate the


Great to have you here as a member of our community. I look forward to your comments on our Forum. We do not have a chat room and we have many other things we are working on now.

By the way, I think many of us would prefer that you did not offer to be a tutor in so many languages. When we have Arabic you can tutor in Arabic. If you feel your English is good enough you could also tutor in English for beginners whose native language is Arabic. Do you really feel competent to tutor in all those other languages?

hi steve iam ahmed from egypt i wanna to learn new language and talk to native speakers pleas can you help me

Hello someone want to talk?

I think “chat room” can also be one on one.
Imagine that when you have finished one lesson, you have many doubts about the vocabulary or the grammar or even the pronunciation. So you want to find a native to help you on those doubts.
But now it’s hard to do so. You have to find a tutor and then schedule a time, and log onto Skype to chat with the tutor later.
Obviously this is not real-time. It will take time to get response from your tutor. And it’s inefficient.
If you have the “chat room” feature, then you can find a native tutor who is on-line now. And initiate an one on one chat(text or audio). I think this method will make the learning more efficient and interesting.

@Richard_ - Thanks for your feedback. As mentioned on the other thread, we aren’t currently looking at implementing a chat service on the site. We are looking at ways of integrating the forum more tightly with lessons to allow learners to ask questions more easily.