Chat in English to improve our English


does anyone want to chat in English to improve our English? I am intermediate and I´d like to be better and better… :slight_smile: just easy conversation… about countries where we live… hobbies etc…

I can speak Czech and can teach you if you want :slight_smile:


I was in Prague at the end of last year. It was so cool. Aaaaaanyway, good luck finding a language partner.

Hi! yes, Prague is amazing, heart of Europe :slight_smile: Thanks! :slight_smile:

hello! i am also interrested, and i want to improve my level in english, and i have a good level(advanced) in french, my skype is (abdelilah.33), you can add me in order to exchange our experiences of languages, and thanks.

Hi helena,
I would love to your language partner. I need it too because I can’t find and practice it here.
here is my skype: fiskavia chat me. I’m Indonesian :slight_smile:

Hi, yeah would be cool.

My skype´s: tom.binda

I´m from Argentina, know Spanish, some of Portuguese and little bit of Nowegian.


my name amin from cairo my skype is aminshaher1


Hello Helena,

i would like to improve my english skills, please add me to skype : bnndaz

I can teach you spanish if you are interested.