Charles Berlitz's Method

What do you think about his methods? I’ve used one of them (french) and found very useful. It’s based on both simple and then complex dialogues, self-learning, repetition… just as LingQ… (thougu there’s no audio, of course!)

Anyway… I recommend!

There are some nice courses outside. In our days, every course should come with audio! In my opinion it makes no sense to study a language without audio. Pronunciation and Rhythym of the language cannot be learned by a book properly.

It can’t, but I like those Berlitz courses okay… Eventually though you just get bored and I find something interesting on the internet and import here…

Does Berlitz school works at this method? Three years ago I visited Berlitz school daily for more than eight weeks eight hours a day. The result wasn’t as good as I’ve expected. And it has cost much money. However, the certificate has helped me with getting my new job. And Lingq has helped me with my English knowledge.

“Pronunciation and Rhythm of the language cannot be learned by a book properly.”

Maybe not. However, I got a pretty good idea of Chinese TONES simply by reading the explanations in Teach Yourself Chinese back in 1995/1996. When I eventually decided to learn the language (with audio!) some ten years later, my assumptions were spot on. For me, the book explanation was enough. For others, even 10 000 hours of listening might be fruitless.

I didn’t mean that we don’t have to listen to anything… what I was trying to say is that his methods (some books called “step by step”. I know nothing about the Berlitz School methods) might be very useful for those who study alone.

And Vera… I also believe we need to listen to our target language to have a real notion of how it sounds like. However, as Jeff said, I guess we can have some good idea about some particular aspects of the target language… especially if this language is well related to yours…

Anyway… I guess we must use all the possible methods to achieve these goals… reading and listening (we all agree I think) are the best ways to do that…