Charged for lessions i did not get

Hi! Im new here and English is not my first language, but i tried to book lessions with 2 different tutors, they did not accept my request but still i’m charged for the lessions?
Should i try to reschedule them in some way or how do i do to get the money back?

Did you submit conversation requests today? For what dates? Please give tutors some time to look into them and accept them. In case they don’t respond, your points will be refunded.

I was hoping to get lucky so i tried to book lessions with a few hours before lession, but i was not lucky :sweat_smile: so i guess they wasent avalible when the schedule was green this time. They have not responded yet…

I refunded your points.

Thank you so much. I have had some personal happenings after i wrote (surgery and so on) so my response is late. I will try again to book now when i have recovered enough, with a bit more time in advance than hours :sweat_smile: now im only in bed and do not work for a few more weeks​:blush:

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