Changing the european text above the the japanese subtitles to hiragana

I’d like to get more use to the japanese characters, and would therefore like the replace the greek ones above. Does anyone know how to change this ?

Thank you!

If you’re on a PC, look for the little gear icon in the top right corner. This is where you control settings.
At the bottom, there is an option that says “Asian Script Settings.” Click on “Hiragana” to change it to Japanese.

Be careful because the hiragana is automatically generated and may not be correct. I recommend listening as you read to make sure the hiragana is correct.

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Worked like a charm.
Alright, I’ll keep that in mind in case I encounter any relevant difficulties.
Thank you very much!

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Sorry this is unrelated to your question but I couldn’t help but notice that the Japanese text you posted is broken and nonsensical. Clearly not written by a native speaker. I also looked up the lesson and the audio doesn’t match the text at all. Not sure why it’s in the lingq library.

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oh damn really? I thought this was one of the officiel ministories that Steve always talks about.
Actually, do you have any pointers to some better material on here?

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