Changing the clocks

Don’t forget that many of us in the Northern hemisphere will soon be putting our clocks back an hour in an attempt to confuse foreigners and disrupt international communication.

In the UK it’s going to be:

At 2 am (01:00) GMT on the last Sunday in October, clocks move back by one hour for the end of British Summer Time.


When is everyone else going to be changing their clocks?

What about Australia and New Zealan, presumably you’ll be putting your clocks forward?

Hi Helen,

Yeah we put our clocks forward an hour on Saturday night. Yay! Does that affect conversation sign ups or does it the calenders automatically compensate for it?

Some people around here thought that we were supposed to do this weekend, but it’s another four weeks left. Hopefully the calendars are automatically updated.

The system should adjust for daylight savings time in all time zones but I would double check my times on and around the day your clocks change just to be safe. :wink:

LingQ should handle time changes automatically but there are always some people who have selected the wrong time zone in their profile, or who are travelling.

Then there are some countries who don’t change their clocks at all and are thrown by their “regular” slots suddenly changing :wink: