Changing speed to (1.25x...) with one click. (it's possible?)

(Website - Firefox - Mac)

Is there a way to change the speed to the right (1.25x - 1.50x) with a keyboard key + click? Without the need to click several times to go from 1x to 1.25x? If I click it moves only to the left 0.9x and so on.

I’ve tried shift+click and several others but nothing works.



No, that’s not possible at the moment I am afraid.

I would very much appreciate keyboard shortcuts to change the speed - or at least some other solution that allows to move in both directions (faster / slower). And this should be rather easy to implement.



I’ve also thought about this, and would appriciate there was an option to hold shift and click or something similar to get 1.25x speed

  1. Save any page to your bookmark panel.

  2. Click right mouse button on the bookmark and choose Edit.

  3. Replace the URL field with this code:

  4. Rename the bookmark as “1.25” or “speed >>” or something like that

Now open the player in a lesson and click on the bookmark.

To add a shortcut, you can run the same code via ShortKeys extension:



All the same:

  1. open the setting of the extension
  2. Add shortcut (which don’t interfere with already existing ones), alt+r for example
  3. Open the “behavior” list on the right, and chose the option “Run JavaScript” below.
  4. On the left of the name of shortcut, click on the small violet arrow to open extended settings.
  5. Paste the same code (but without first word " javascript: " this time) in the field.

Thanks but, at least for me, I don’t usually mess around with these things because I easily forget them as soon as I don’t use them for a little bit. (I always said to myself that I’d like to learn Automator but it’s on the list!). :smiley:

And btw, the point is to go back and forward because sometimes you don’t know if you want to go a bit slower, a bit faster or stay where you are. You listen to the track a few seconds and move back and forward quickly.

You can assign the “backward” shortkey, with this code:

and be able to quickly move wherever you want.

But sure, click on :smiley: