Changing LingQ flashcard settings on iPhone

How do you change the flashcard settings on iPhone? I feel sure that I used to be able to set up what appeared when a card opened. At the moment, only the word itself appears, and I have to tap the screen to see anything else, at which point the hint and the phrase come up simultaneously, whereas I used to be able to see the word and the phrase without the hint, which is my preference. The daily LingQs page in iPhone has no ‘Settings’ screen - the Courses screen does, but it does not contain options for the daily LingQs. Thanks!

On the iPad, you swipe (don’t tap) up or down on bottom part of the card when it is displayed and the phrase gets shown. Swipe (don’t tap) up or down on middle part of the card when it is displayed and the definition gets shown.

that’s not what I’m asking. It used to be possible to determine what is shown when you first open the card. Yes, swiping to change what is shown once the card is open has always been possible.

To choose the default view, it seems to follow the setting used in the course view.

Open a lesson, click flashcards and then click the gear-shapped icon. If I turn under Front “phrase” on, it shows the phrase also in the LingQs of the Day part.

I’m using version 3.3.1 on an iPad.

Brilliant - that’s it. Many thanks

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