Changing Billing Date

I would like to know if I change my billing. I am hopefully retiring this year and will only get paid once a month and would like to change my billing date to the second of each month.

Hi Bstodnick.
I checked your account and your Premium membership renews on 6th of each month, so I guess you should be fine, since it’s only 4 days after 2nd? Of course, if that makes any difference to you, we can make it renew 2nd of each month, instead of 6th. Let me know if you want and I can set your next billing date to Feb 2nd instead of 6th and after that it will renew on the second of each month.

Zoran, Please put it on the second as we would like everything to hit on one day…appreciate the help…Also I am taking a polish course locally and have spread teh word about LingQ…it is great…

OK, sounds good. Your subscription will renew on the 2nd of each month from now on. Thanks so much for spreading word about LingQ!!


Great. Thanks for the tips and advice. Have a nice day to all.