Changing Associated Sentences


Just wondering - is there any way to change the sentences associated with a Lingq?

For example: I saved the word 別 after seeing it in the sentence 小李 别 客气。As a result, any time I do the SRS vocab practice it asks me to fill in the blank with that same sentence 小李 ___ 客气。
However, maybe I don’t like that sentence. Maybe I just want to change it up over time.
Can we change the sentence so we don’t always get the same one every time?
Is this a feature that can be added eventually? It would help to see the same word in different contexts, too.

Thanks in advance.

I am just guessing here, but if you see the word in context again and you prefer the new sentence, if you highlighted the word, marked it as ignored, then re-lingQed it, would the associated sentence change to the new one?