Changes to Icelandic library

There were a lot of lessons in the Icelandic library where you had to follow a link to an external page to listen to the actual audio which I have now removed (well put to private to be exact) and some material that just wasn’t all that good that I have removed. If anyone misses the books that used to be there they can be found here: Hljóðbókaleit - - the two children’s books have text and audio, but the others just audio. I am working on getting permission to put the audio of all these books directly into LingQ, so I can put them back into the library (share them again).

But there have also been lots of additions to the library. Lots of videos about traffic rules, safety and preparation, info about recycling, info about salaries, paychecks and workers’ rights and some videos of how people survived in historical times. I am always working on getting more permissions to add material into LingQ.

The Icelandic translation of Steve’s book should be ready at the end of the month and then I’ll have to read it of course and I should have a translation of the Little Prince ready sometime this year as well, so these two books should be in LingQ before the end of the year.