Changes in the lingq widget


I really like the new question mark button you put on the lingq widget! It is great to see how other users are making their hints! It is really helpful

Thanks for the great addition to lingq!!

keep up the good work

Is it just me? I clicked on many of my LingQs, but it only shows one hint, my own hint.

Thanks, Valina. That got snuck out by accident. It doesn’t even have a proper name but it is neat, isn’t it? Over time, more and more words will have hints in the system so you will be able to just click on the hint you want. In fact, if a hint has been selected by more than 2 people it will automatically fill in the Hint field. This is a bit of a work in progress but the goal is to eventually have the option of just staying with the automatic hint or creating your own.

Edwin, if noone has saved a hint previously, you will only see your own hint in the list. Obviously, in some languages there will be fewer hints than others. Also, your native language affects which hints are displayed.

I have tried 20-30 of my LingQ words, they all have only1 hint, my own hint. Perhaps my words are too easy that people don’t save them. Somehow it gives me this feeling that I am the only one learning the language.

But this idea is very Web 2.0. I like it.


The hints are language specific. Therefore, if nobody else has created a hint for that term in your native language, you won’t see any. Over time though you should see more, obviously. The lucky people who come after you will get to see your hints! I’m glad you like it.

I love this new thing, it helps me a bit… I always check the dictionary and the users’ hints, but it helps selecting a small but effective Hint when there are lots of definitions…