Change the language of "show translation" in "sentence view" mode


this question has probably been answered somewhere, but whatever
I do, the translations shown in “show translation” in “sentence view” mode
are always in English. What should I do if I want it to be Japanese translations?
For info, my learning language is English, so it is translating English into … English.

Thank you.

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You can change your dictionary language to Japanese under Settings > Reader.

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Thank you zoran! It worked.

Hi zoran,
This can be problematic if one has more than one dictionary language set. I’m wondering if there can be a way to easily select the dictionary language you want to choose, either by language you are studying, or an easy dropdown selection. Currently it chooses the language that is on top. The only way I have found to re-order them is by deleting and re-adding.

A couple of reasons an easier way to select would be nice:

  1. Perhaps I’m studying a new language, but I want to use a language for the dictionary I have learned to a high enough level for further exposure

  2. Most recently, I’ve been going through the mini stories in my NATIVE language, and using these to practice output in my target language. Since my dictionary language is English (my native language), when I read these mini-stories in English, and want to see if my translation to my target language is correct, if I translate sentence, it will show up in English. I would like this to show as my target language (German). However, the only way I found to do this was to drop all the dictionary languages and re-add with German on top. However, when I go back to reading German for input, then I when I do sentence mode translation, the dictionary language will now be in German and I need to drop and re-add the dictionaries to have it go back to showing English for sentence translation.

It is easy to select the language on the right hand vocabulary menu and popup, but it’s not for the sentence translation. If this could be added it would be great.

I realize with #2 I’m going outside the box a bit, but I think it can be useful for those wanting to practice output of their target language and I’m sure #1 is a great usage for those that are higher up in one of their languages.

That is how it works at the moment, it’s not possible to set the dictionary language for each study language separately. We’ll see what we can do to improve things there. Appreciate your feedback!

Hi Zoran. Definitely doesn’t need to be a per language thing. I think it would make sense when you choose a language for the Lingq’s to translate to, that it should also carry over to the sentence translation mode. It currently doesn’t do this. Or, if there was a separate option to choose the sentence mode translation beyond it just defaulting to the top most dictionary in your list in the settings would be great.

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