Change text size of lingq'ed examples

Scanning other instances of a lingq’ed word or phrase is surely one of the principal raison d’être of, but for me it’s unusable without a magnifying glass. When you highlight a word/phrase to see the definition and other examples of where you’ve lingq’ed it, the text size for the examples is quite small, and on iPhone/iPad far too small for me to see. Changing the text size in the preferences only changes the size of the main text, not the examples. Is there a fix for this?

Let me check this with our iOS developers and will get back to you when I hear back.

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I just talked with our iOS developer about this and here’s what he said.

The app will respond to changes in the system text size.

And the system text size can be quickly adjusted by adding it to control center.

So, as you can see, all the changes you made in the system for your device will automatically take effect in LingQ app too. Give it a try!

Excellent, thanks, it’s a good work around because I can quickly change back for other apps.

I’m lovin’ lingq! Hope you’re staying well during this rather strange period of time…