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I signed up for a 1 month subscription just to see what Lingq was like. I’m finding it to be an incredible tool and it’s really keeping to motivated to read and listen every day.

As such I want to sign up for a longer membership to take advantage of the discounts available here rather than paying monthly but I cannot see how to do this

What does LingQ cost? See our pricing information here

On the website I try to click to annual billing it says ’ It looks like you upgraded on the mobile app. Please manage your subscription there’ When I go to my subscriptions on the Play Store my only options is to cancel my subscription.

Any advice?

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If you are subscribed to LingQ Premium through Google Play, you will need to cancel your subscription there and after it expire, you can upgrade back to other membership level.
I suggest you to, after your paid month on Google Play expire, you upgrade through website version instead. No matter where you upgrade, you will have unlimited access on your account on both web and app version.

You can also get additional 5% discount on annual if you upgrade on the web. Here’s the link to that discount offer:

Ok thanks Zoran I will let my subscription expire and then resubscribe using the link. If my subscription expires will I lose my imported lessons?

No, you will keep all your data and stats, no worries.

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