Change of letters when importing text

I hope someone here can help me. Whenever I import a text (import pdf or even copy/paste) some of my letters get changed. I am studying Croatian and most times the letters “č, ć, đ, ž” get changed into some other letters.

Maybe there are some tools or tricks to get the letters correct?

Would really appreciate your help.

Thank you very much.

Does this happen only on LingQ or in general when you copy+paste? Copying from PDF files can mess up the letters, unfortunately.

Thx fabbol for your reply. You are right. It also happens when I copy/paste from pdf to word. Is there a way I can avoid that?

In that case the error is unfortunately in your PDF. The problem is most likely that your text was saved as an image rather than a text at some point. When the computer attempts to “read” the text again, these errors often sneak in. I had one entire PDF ebook (in Persian) that ended up being nothing but slashes and numbers and stars.

The only solution (apart from fixing it manually) is getting the text from elsewhere, I’m afraid.

Thank you fabbol. I will correct it manually then. Step by step and chapter by chapter. Thank you and happy studying.

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