Change Lingq status to review in 90'days

I have many lingqs that I have learnt and which I don’t want to have to review each time I open up flash cards. After the flash card comes up, I click on the word and it offers me “oops” or “got it”. I click on the number 4 and the box comes up to mark the word for later review. I Mark it, for instance to review in 90 days, and then I have to hit “got it” in order to continue. But the word remains active in my flash cards! How do I make known lings go away?

@chrisk5555 - If you click the check mark in the status bar, it will move the word to Status 4 - Never, which means it won’t show up again in any future Daily LingQs flashcards tests. It will however still show up on the Vocabulary page and in your list of LingQs.

Let me know where you’re accessing the flashcards from and I can provide a bit more information.