Change from Castilian to Latin American Spanish

The pronunciations in my lessons are very obviously Castilian and I need to lean Latin American Spanish.

On my lesson page, known words portion of the top banner, the circular language insignia is the red/gold layout of the flag of Spain.

The drop-down menu of the same “known words” does not list any Spanish, either Castilian or Latin American, as an add language choice. (my membership is premium).

How do I convert to or add Latin American Spanish?

We do have courses in both Latin and European Spanish. You can search for the accent you are interested in studying in the Library.
Also, you can change TTS voice pronunciation to the accent you prefer under Settings > Reader.

Do you mean that there is not separate curriculum for Latin and European Spanish? Accent is not the only difference between the two dialects.

There’s not really a curriculum for any of the languages. Of course there’s the mini-stories, some other stories LingQ has put out themselves, stuff like that, but these are a small part of LingQ. It’s mostly up to the users to find content they like and import it. For this reason I assume LingQ didn’t think treating them both as fundamentally different was all that important, that people who wanted Castilian Spanish would import Castilian stuff, and that people that wanted Latin American Spanish would import Latin American stuff. Though the mini-stories and other official LingQ materials come in both Castilian and Latin American. (Not just with different accents. But word differences as well.)

Initially I didn’t like this either but I’ve come to think it was the best decision. You can understand Latin American Spanish well enough if you know Castilian and vice versa. More importantly, there’s better learning material in Castilian than Latin American Spanish, importable learning material I mean; Dreaming Spanish, which is unarguably the best beginner-friendly comprehensible-input, is predominantly Castilian Spanish for example.


Latin American Spanish is not all the same. There are differences between countries. But the difference between European Spanish and Latin American Spanish is like the difference between UK English and American English. They are not different languages.

I cannot find Settings > Reader in my Lingq. Help?

For Desktop:

Look at the top right corner, to the right of the known word counter, you’ll see your initials, or the initials of whatever name you used to sign up with. Click that. It will open a drop down menu. Under Notifications you’ll find “Settings”. Click that. From there you can find the reader settings under the “App settings” heading.

Thank you, very much. I primarily use my Mac for lessons. One of my problems was I didn’t have the screen width of the app open enough to see the subheadings of Settings. Also, I didn’t understand what “text to speech” means.
I picked a different speaker (Voice). I note in the lessons, there are often 2 speakers: a male and a female. Can can I pick both of them or does the other speaker use the same type of dialect, e.g. Mexican?
How do I find out what all the settings mean, e.g. “Don’t play tts when lesson audio playing”

Text to speech is the robot voice that speaks the word for you. (Some are quite good. Others, horrible.) Yeah, sometimes there’s another voice but you can’t control that one.

There’s no complete guide I know of which explains all the options but I would leave "Don’t play tts when lesson audio playing” turned off. It’s likely to cause distraction. If I were you, under Settings → App settings → Reader, I’d scroll down and under the “General” heading I’d turn off “Paging moves to known”. If I remember correctly that one is on by default for some bizarre reason and it will really mess up your known word count.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m still in the Getting Started lessons. Some of the voices in these lessons must be European Spanish. Are there different ones in Mexican Spanish?

There aren’t alternatives for those. For the Mini-Stories and some of the other content LingQ has put out there’s a Latin American version. It’s not worth worrying about though. As time goes on you’ll more or less understand both well enough so it won’t matter that much. A lot of the beginner level through intermediate content specifically focused on learning will be in Castilian Spanish, I’m not talking only about LingQ here, but generally. Trying to find only learning material in Latin American Spanish will be difficult because there’s a lot less out there, again, I’m not talking just about LingQ, but on the internet as a whole.

How do get/check my settings to get the mini-stories in Latin American?

You won’t find that in the settings. On the Lessons page scroll down, you’ll see “Mini-Stories”, right beside that you’ll see “Latin American” and “European” options.

Thank you for you patience.