[Change] focus doesn't advance

The focus doesn’t advance to the next word when making a blue word known or ignoring it. This used to happen, I don’t know if this is an intended change.
The iPad app still advances automatically to the next word (landscape mode + sidebar), the behavior is now inconsistent across platforms.



It did indeed change recently (on the web), however it’s never worked for me on the iPad (in landscape mode).

Well, I might be misremembering, but I’m pretty sure that I was able clean up sentences using only the x/k buttons on the keyboard, now I have to press the right arrow key in between.
I think the iPad has always behaved slightly differently, but I just checked again, and when selecting a blue word, I only need to tap the checkmark, then it auto-selects the next blue word. Here is a video, it doesn’t show where I tap, but I assure you I only hit the checkmark icon. ipad auto advance - YouTube

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No worries, I believe you :slight_smile: Very weird!

It’s actually a feature I was missing on iPad and one I liked on the web (you could get really quickly through text, especially if it’s full of words you just want to ignore) but I just assumed it didn’t work the same as on the web.

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We are looking into this too. Thanks for reporting.