Change avatar gender


How do I change the avatar gender(I am a male but the avatar is a female)




How can you tell? I don’t think they have a sex, and gender is more psychological. So maybe change it in your imagination? :slight_smile:

Otherwise you can click on it and enter the avatar store to change it’s color. (I’m assuming yours is currently pink, as it is by default?)

:slight_smile: You can change avatar clothes and other stuff in the Avatar store Login - LingQ

Mine has been in the buff for months now and I can tell you for sure that it is neither male nor female.

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It is the bare truth.

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My avatar also bares all and it is definitely an it. It changed colour from blue to red a few months ago (the naked truth is that it got a bit hot under the (non-existent) collar).

I also thought the avatars have no gender. But look at the playful “pony tail” and the pretty smiling face of the gabrielviotto90’s English knight :wink:
You need to train the avatar to make ‘her’ more manful :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah. I didn’t bother looking. That seems to be a headdress option for the Japanese avatars, and is obviously female. Maybe change it to another option or delete it if you can. :slight_smile:

If it makes you feel any better, my avatar seems like a macho man…